About Us

photo2I am Ursula Gibbs, the Artistic Director and founder. Just to tell you a little about myself, I graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Dance. I have earned my teaching certification in Dance as well. When I graduated, I had a desire to teach children who wanted to learn to dance but whose parents might not be able to afford the fancy dance studio tuitions and fees. I pride myself in teaching quality dance classes at an affordable price. I have a passion for dance that speaks for itself and I truly enjoy teaching children of all ages! My goal, as a teacher, is to help every child I come in contact with to be the BEST at whatever he or she wants to be.

Learning dance takes discipline. The discipline that your child will learn in dance can be applied to everyday life. I expose my students to the many genres that dance has to offer- from ballet to jazz, praise to hip hop, Broadway to contemporary. I am able to teach the recreational dancer as well as the dancer who wishes to pursue a career in dance.

Every year, En Pointe Muvmentz students have the opportunity to participate in a Christmas recital, spring recital, local dance competitions as well as other outings we are invited to.

I have an open door policy, and make it a practice to have a personal relationship with each student. You can rest assured that with En Pointe Muvmentz your child will not just be a number! If you need further information please feel free to contact me via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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