Class Schedule

We hold classes four days a week at two locations. Classes are held at either our Fort Worth Location or the DeSoto Recreation Center and are as follows:

Mondays: Company class 6:30-8pm At The Fort Worth Location

Wednesdays: Ballet 7-11 year olds 5:30-6:15 DeSoto Rec Center
                       Hip Hop 7 and up 6:15-7:00 DeSoto Rec Center
                       Advanced Ballet 7:00-8:30 DeSoto Rec Center

Thursdays: Ballet/hip hop combo class 3-6 year olds DeSoto Rec Center


All At The Fort Worth Location

10:00-10:45: 3-6 year old ballet/hip hop

10:45-11:30: 3-6 year old tap

10:45-11:30: 7-10 year old ballet

11:30-12:15: 7-10 and Beginning Tap

11:30-12:15: Advanced Hip Hop

12:15-1:00: 7-10 and Beginning Hip Hop

12:15-1:00: Advanced Tap

1:00-2:15: Beginning Ballet

1:00-2:15: Advanced Ballet

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